Karatek Lighting Systems

Thousands of Our Customers Who Chose Us Know Something!

Reduce Your Costs

Extend your life by reducing your costs to lower levels save energy consumption

Aesthetic and Modern

Thanks to our lighting systems, your shelves and sections look much simpler and more elegant.

Required CRI Values

Lighting with sufficient CRI values ​​in your shelves and counters is not a luxury, it is an important need and necessity.

Exterior Front Lighting

Food Lighting

Architects, contractor companies and lighting companies should work in perfect coordination and harmony in product technical design and application for light that contains integrity. KARATEK Lighting is a company that provides this coordination and provides full service in the field of lighting technique in Turkey.
Without losing our excitement on the first day, we analyze the customer and product-specific needs in each new project, offer the most appropriate lighting systems and solutions, and provide you with uninterrupted support with our pre-sales and after-sales services.

In the light of the concrete references in the projects we have realized, you can see how KARATEK Lighting provides excellent light with its architectural harmony and positive atmosphere in the field of food and general lighting, and has a supporting effect on sales.

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