Fish Section Lighting

Meat & Fish Section Lighting

Bringing a new breath to meat & fish aisle lighting, Karatek increases the appeal of the products with its patented design. It provides an eye-catching appearance with its design and lighting features. It is the biggest supporter of the stylish and remarkable visuality desired on the counters.

It is very important to be used in meat and fish lighting and food lighting industry. Led lamps make the products on the counters look very lively and beautiful. The attractiveness of the products makes the consumer want to buy. Lighting is a special detail that provides commercial returns. That’s why it’s something that needs attention.

Led lamps must have technology that allows long-term use. Special attention should be paid to this issue while designing the leds to be used for shop window lighting and meat and fish lighting. The durability period that allows the product to be used appropriately is very advantageous for the seller. It is also very special because it is a product that can be bought once and used for a long time with high performance.


New Design, Superior Technology

Led lamps, which have been used extensively in recent years, are a high-tech product. It has a very convenient usage feature in terms of use in markets, especially for meat and fish lighting. It is a highly functional product with steerable beam distribution. Attention can be drawn to the desired region with its rotatable feature.

Its easy-to-install design is sized to adapt to any environment. The luminaire color is quite stylish. The product with mounting options can be installed as desired. Leds, which provide great convenience and advantages to the user in every aspect with its award-winning design, are the product of the most advanced technology ever produced.

Types of Lighting

You can review some of our references regarding Meat & Fish Department Lighting types.

Led Lamps for Visual Feast on Benches

Every seller has a sales policy that they know very well. The point of sale must have features that will attract attention from a certain environment. At the beginning of these details is how the lighting conditions in the environment are. These issues are very important in patisserie lighting and butcher shop lighting. A well-lit counter is always one step ahead of the business. Sellers, who are aware of the importance of this situation, prefer led lamps, which are high technology products. These leds, which perform flawlessly for many years if installed once, are designed to be in favor of the seller in every respect. Thanks to these leds, which offer visuality suitable for every product, the profit of the sellers increases.

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